About SEO Rockstars

SEO Rocks Stars LLC

SEO Rockstars LLC LogoSEO Rockstars LLC. was founded in 2018 with the purpose of generating conferences for SEO professionals and providing search engine optimization services to rockstars. SEO Rockstars has 37 employees with a home office in Dallas, Texas. Although SEO Rockstars LLC. Is located in Dallas, we provide SEO for small, medium and corporate businesses.

SEO Rock Stars Mission Statement

Our mission at SEO Rockstars is simple, provide the best speakers and expert SEO professionals to help turn business and website owners into SEO Rockstars. Our goal is to increase revenue for businesses by providing Internet marketing services, online web strategies and to offer excellent customer support for businesses of all sizes.

Our motto at SEO Rockstars is: “Serve the Rock N Roll community and turn every SEO into a real Rockstar”.

The organization president, Dori Friend, is a firm believer in supporting the arts, sharing SEO techniques with fellow entrepreneurs and she has always been a fan of famous rockstars.  The SEO corporation is located at 3885 W Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75220 and walk-ins are always welcome and encouraged.


SEO Rockstars prides itself on its office privacy policies and is a huge advocate for human rights across the United States of America and specifically in Dallas, Texas. Consumer safety is the number one priority at SEO Rockstars and our office managers have been vaccinated for Covid-19 to prevent the spread of the pandemic.  Our office can be contacted at any time through email: info@seorockstars2022.com  

From all of us at SEO Rockstars, we wish the best of luck with all of your SEO and rockstar adventures.